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Steve Irwin for supervisor, Focused onour future

Steve Irwin - Focused on our future

Visualize safe and well-maintained streets, transparency and accountability of government, a strong educational system, and a robust economy. These are not old fashioned ideals. It is what Yavapai County taxpayers and voters believe in and wants to see happen. 

I plan to make these visions a reality and I will accomplish these by investing more in our public schools, law enforcement and bringing great paying jobs to our communities. To accomplish these goals, I am proposing no new tax increases, but rather a re-channeling of our existing revenue and grants to meet these needs. 

So, you’re probably wondering why I believe I’m qualified to be your Yavapai County Supervisor. Let me tell you a bit about me and my background.

In 1991, I retired from the Army and as a veteran; I was ready to take on new challenges. In my 24 years as a public servant, I’ve had the honor to work in federal, state, and local government. My work entailed getting disabled seniors the skilled nursing care they needed to live independently. Years later, I worked as a Probation Officer and assisted in operating the Drug Court Program helping adults and kids to overcome powerful addiction to illegal drugs so they could become, once again, productive members of society. In the evenings, I educated students at Yavapai College. While in public service, I developed an understanding of how the government can better serve taxpayers and our community. 

Now, as a successful business owner, I live every day emphasizing the importance of staying within a budget and maximizing resources, as well as investing in the people who make businesses flourish.

Let me give you just one example of where I believe we can invest our energies. I am not happy with our current representatives who raised our property taxes to just under the highest level allowed by law to build a second and very large jail that we voters actually voted down at the last election. It is unconscionable and a waste of our taxpayer money. 

The President and every Governor in the Union are working on Prison and Jail Reform (pause and emphasize “Reform”). Our representatives, without voter’s approval, are building a 98K sq foot Jail that will not curve crime and we’re bearing the burden of paying for it. Offenders serving long term sentences while awaiting trial or as a punishment, are not given the opportunity for reform at this new facility. Simply locking them up and throwing away the key does not work. It raises the crime rate in our communities.  I am strongly in favor of giving Our Police Offers and Judges more discretion and resources including mandatory treatment and counseling for offenders. In my experience as a Probation Officer, I can tell you from first-hand experience that jail alone breeds higher recidivism and decreases the offender's ability to build a future in the community to which almost all will return. 

Reducing crime, jobs training, education, reduced taxes, and building a robust economy is worthy of our best efforts. 

Your Representative can make a real difference.

In my position as your Elected District 5 Representative, I was able to help create, maintain, and approve 100’s programs that allowed millions of County residents to get well-paying jobs. A few of those programs are our Career and Technical Center (CTEC), our Nursing Program, our Police Academy, The South West Wine Center, and many more. I also approved FREE College Tuition for every county high school graduate, if they complete their degree in 2 years. When citizens of Yavapai County have greater access to education, they have a lesser need for a jail system that does not benefit anybody.    

In closing 

I want to give a special thanks to our campaign supporters and volunteers, especially students struggling to repay their college loans, seniors on Social Security, and Disabled Veterans on disability income, and from 100s workers earning starvation wages. 

I invite you to visit my website at steveirwinforsupervisor.com to learn more about me and my conservative values. I look forward to bringing my life experiences, education, knowledge to an organization that has a tremendous economic and social impact on Yavapai County. 


 If I was able to achieve those results, just think of what I can do for OUR future as your District 5 Supervisor. Say something interesting about your business here.